American Idol’s Voting Method

“THIS WEEK WE RECEIVED 95 MILLION VOTES!!!” Does anyone really care? As if the voting wasn’t bad enough, we now have the latest annoyance called the tween vote. Just hitting puberty, these young girls fall for the cutest male contestant, then vote till their fingers need first aid. I must say it works quite well. What this means is if you’re talented but ugly or talented but gay (as in Adam Lambert and Clay Akins) you don’t stand a chance at coming in 1st/The American Idol.  Women can forget it all together, unless there’s no really cute guy on board.

The other side of midnight is the Country Western genre. They have the first voting rights as they not only have tweens but the older audience as well.  So this is where we stand: Country Western first followed by cutest boy.  Rockers and females don’t stand a chance, cute or not cute. I have watched AI since day 1 and I have been writing and protesting the voting method since the 2nd season. All, and I do mean ALL, the other reality shows have it right or at least better. DWTS allows you 1 vote per couple per phone line or email address with a twist. The 12 votes can be allocated any way you want.  (all 12 for one couple, if that’s your preference). Lets say your favorite is Max and Christy and there are 11 other couple for a grand total of 12 couples. Let’s also say you have a land line, a cell phone and an email address. That means you can vote on each device 12 times for Max and Christy for a grand total of 36 votes. That is about as much effort as I’d want to put into voting for any given contestant. You also have So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, The Sing-Off, America’s Got Talent and a few others that don’t allow the viewers to go crazy with the voting. I strongly believe you get a better result when talent enters the picture. Let’s look at some of the previous winners of AI today. Reuben Studard (the real star of this season was Clay Akin), Fantasia Barinno (the real star of this season was Jennifer Hudson), Chris Allen (the real star of this season was Adam Lambert), Tayler Hicks (the real star of this season was Katherin McPhee).  None of these winners are doing particularly well while their runner ups are now super stars.  AMERICAN IDOL NEEDS TO CHANGE THEIR VOTING METHOD!

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