GAME OF THRONES – My Rating: 10/10

GameOfThronesOne of the best shows on cable.  The buzz all around seems to be positive feedback.  I originally watched Game of Thrones “On Demand”.  I ended up staying up all night trying to get through all the episodes.  I was pleasantly surprised by how captivating this series was.

5 kings, 1 throne.  All is represented in this series of power hungry, wicket, good, bad, and down right evil men and women clawing and scratching their way to the ultimate goal of ruler of the kingdom.  These people will stop at nothing to get what they want.  This is the universe at it’s most wicket.  Yet, you can’t help but favor one to fill the position.   This series has action, mayhem, violence, surprises, happiness, sadness, devastation, love, mystery, horror, deception, humor, war and a truck load of sin!

If you like period pieces, an excellent story and plot, this is the series for you.  I found it better than Spartacus, The Borgias and Rome.  Obviously, I highly recommend Game of Thrones, it’s  winner!

BTW:  There is a pint size surprise that might be deemed at the on-set of this series, as unlikely to be of any real significance.  But I guarantee he will be your favorite character before it’s all over.  He is one of the biggest attributes to the show.  I won’t mention who he is although there’s a pint-size clue in this critique.  Happy Viewing!

2 responses to “GAME OF THRONES – My Rating: 10/10

  1. Love that pint-size surprise. : )


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