CATWOMAN (2004) – My rating: 10/10

Catwoman is a Comic Book Story!
CatwomanI can’t believe 206 people gave Catwoman a rating of 1. What are they looking for in a fantasy? A smart, talented woman, who is taken for granted by the company she works for, dies and comes back as a cat. Now she can add sexy and confident to her former persona.  She’s also skilled in marshal arts and capable of taking care of herself as well as do battle with the evil forces of this world. This is the comic book formula that has been successful since they first thought up this character.

I came away believing that this female, super heroine will develop her newly found role to be more mature and conservative in the future.  I was well entertained and absolutely loved the movie.  I gave it a 10 for acting, costume, authenticity, casting and the plot.  Halle Berry is synonymous with sexy — Catwoman has always been sexy — read the comic book!

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