CROSSROADS (2002) – My rating: 7/10

CrosssroadsWhat a Surprise!
In my opinion, Britney Spears is all body and cannot sing. I was so surprised that not only did she show the best of her singing and acting talents in Crossroads but she did it quite well.

Crossroads is a cutesy movie about 3 young friends who make a pact to review their lives at midnight on the day of their graduation from HS. By the time graduation rolls around, they have out grown one another. Each is at a crossroad in their life. They get a gorgeous hunk only one of them knows to drive them cross country in pursuit of answers.

I loved the fact, despite 2 girls are white and 1 black, that there was no mention of race or any prejudices in the movie. It was a story that treated everyone pretty equal, except they played Britney up as the lead singer. I don’t know why viewers rated this movie poorly. It was a nice semi-quasi, escape from the fast pace, violence, and sex we see all the time. Basically, it is a feel good movie and Britney was pretty good.


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