FEARDOTCOM (2002) – My rating: 0/10

If You Have Nothing Better to do, See Some Other Movie!
FearDotComFeardotcom has got to make “the bottom of the barrel list”. I want my money back. Its sick subject matter was only enhanced by its sick and unrealistic plot. I’m not sure any 2 people will agree on the plot of this disaster of a movie. Another one of those “I was wrongfully killed so I won’t rest until justice is done” movies. It’s hard to even compose a meaningful, non-ambiguous summation of this horrible, I mean horror flick because it’s that awful and confusing!

Don’t see this in the movies or rent it from Netflix or blockbuster or see in on cable TV – it is not just a waste of money, it is also a waste of your time.  See a cartoon or something.

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