JOHN Q (2002) – My rating: 8/10

Denzel is Doing Everything Right!      *** SOME SPOILERS ***
JohnQJohn Q is predictable but on purpose. The plot came together quite well because of our anticipated hope for a good resolution.  Denzel gives a stunning performance as a father who is both an obedient husband, down on his luck and as a loving, caring father. While I’m not sure if this movie was based on a true story or not, I found “John Q” guilty of the usual Hollywood antics like a news anchorman who happens to have the ultimate communications geek in his employ, enabling the national viewing of a police blunder, LIVE on TV. I have yet to see antics like this in real life. Kimberly Elise gives a believable performance as the desperate mom who demands that her husband “do something” to save their son after all hope has been yanked away by hospital bureaucrats.

After seeing “John Q”, Denzel is a shoe-in to win the Oscar for “Training Day”. If that sounds like an enigma, blame it on the academy. If you haven’t notice, that’s the way they operate.  James Woods, Anne Heche , Ray Liotta and Robert Duvall are so believable as die-hard, by-the-book, servants of the people who can’t take YES for an answer. I stayed on the edge of my seat and applauded twice before the movie was over. A good thriller.

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