LOVE STINKS (1999) – My Rating: 8/10

Here’s a Comment That Makes Sense

LoveStinksLove Stinks is a funny movie that explores control between a man and a women. Controlling a man comes natural to many women, mostly because we’ve been in control of our lives all of our adult life. Suddenly, along comes a candidate ripe for marriage. According to the Bible, a women’s role is to be supportive and submissive allowing the man to take the lead — if you are not into what the Bible says, you’ll keep control or at least try.

I believe, in this hilarious movie, French Stewart’s character Seth knew, on some level, that this was not the right women for him. She looked magnificent, she was a heavy hitter in the sack and she was smart and loyal. So what more could a man ask for? I think in this case, he just wanted to be a man and he wanted the respect that comes along with being a man. If Bridgette Wilson’s character, Chelsea was the submissive type of women, we would have missed out on this very funny, dark comedy. Seth would have been willing to marry a soft, kind, non-controlling women in a minute. Bridgette showed her true colors by changing one of his rooms into a nursery — that should have been his first clue. Sometimes you have to ask, why is this good looking person available when picking a mate. There’s always a reason they are unattached.

I thought French Stewart did a fantastic job portraying the character Seth — demonstrating that he is an excellent actor. The ending was unpredictable and I was quite pleased with the results.

In conclusion, I think no one can really speak for how someone else will perceive a movie — I can only say, I loved “Love Stinks” and highly recommend it, especially to the ladies who have too much balls and the men who don’t have enough!

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