THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST (2004) – My Rating: 10/10

What Were We Thinking?
ThePassionOfTheChristWOW! What a movie, what a story. The Passion of the Christ made me ashamed to be human. It’s amazing to see how vicious man could be. It doesn’t matter if it was a Jewish man or a Roman man who was responsible for the death of Christ. It was a human(s) that killed Christ. The angry people had the passion and vindictiveness of those who burned so called witches at the stake. What were we thinking?

I am a devout Christian who believes the Bible. Jesus Christ was born to die for our sins so that we might live. This horrifying depiction of what happened was both accurate and passionately told, according to the New Testament. Mel Gibson has finally given us imagery to go along with the story, as told in the Bible. I felt as if I were there. I cried as I was saddened by the pain Jesus had to endure for us. Seeing the Passion of the Christ makes me feel like never complaining about pain again in life.

As to the comments about Jesus not being nailed to the cross via his hands, I say, watch the film carefully. Jesus was tied to the cross and then nailed.

Finally, I think God worked through Mel Gibson to show us what we take for granted. This movie is more than a movie, it’s history!

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