WAITING FOR GUFFMAN (1996) – My Rating: 4/10

And the Point is?
WaitingForGuffmanI found this movie to be extremely irritating. I can’t believe the 7.6 rating this movie received from IMDB voters. There was no point to it. 90 minutes + of annoying dialog, going nowhere. The few laughs, actually I can only think of a couple, were not worth an entire movie of mediocre characters trying to put on a 150 year anniversary show about the history of a little town called Blaine, Missouri. Somewhere in this movie, I heard folks of Blaine refer to a UFO abduction several years ago. The incident went unnoticed by the outside world, thereby making it an unproven tale. The UFO story was the most interesting thing about Blaine — the director and all the characters were extremely eccentric, which was the premise for the movie.

I just don’t see 7.6 or even 5.6 — after the movie, I kept wondering, what was the point? I was neither entertained nor mentally stimulated.

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