THE CALL (2013) – My rating: 8/10

There’s something to be learned here!

TheCallI was expecting a mediocre movie about the over done topic of serial killers.  While the topic is certainly popular the movie was much better than I expected.  Halle Berry keeps reminding us, over and over, why she was and is Oscar worthy.  Her performance in The Call was believable because it was well acted.  I tried to place myself in her character’s shoes and quickly found comradery.  Needless to say, I liked The Call.  The suspense keeps you guessing throughout the movie.  I particularly liked the suggestions on how to trap a serial killer and free yourself in the meanwhile.   Morris Chestnut as Hallie’s love interest was played down to a dull roar as to give credibility to the issue at hand.  A stellar performance was also given by Roma Maffia who played Maddy (Police Supervisor of the Hive).  Got a minute?  Check The Call out, it’s worth your dime!

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