LIFE OF PI (2012) – My rating: 9/10

LifeofPiThis story was told with all the guts and hardship one could muster.  I loved the graphics and technical aspects of this movie.  I was truly moved and somewhat frightened for the character, Pi.

Based on one man’s powerful imagination, a tragedy emerged that was pushed theatricality to the limits  so that we could be a part of a profound story of all stories.  Young Pi Pastel, played by Suraj Sharma and Adult Pi Pastel, played by Irrfan Khan achieved the ultimate triumph when he befriended a tiger while cast away with little to no food on a life raft in the middle of nowhere.  I found Life of Pi exciting, entertaining, well acted and well directed.  This movie was a relief and an escape from some of the not so good stories I’ve seen lately.  Oscar worthy, I highly recommend Life of Pi.

[Life of Pi won an Oscar for Best Director and Best Cinematography, Best Achievement in Music (Original Score) and Best Achievement in Visual Effects]


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