AFTER EARTH (2013) – My rating: 9.5/10

AfterEarthI really didn’t know what to expect, even after seeing the trailers.  Before I knew it, After Earth was out and had gotten all sorts of “not so favorable” reviews.  I absolutely loved it.  Because I’m not a die hard fan of Will Smith, I am able to be completely unbiased.  After Earth is a profound story of a father and son with a  strained relationship, brought on by a profound incident in their family.  The boy had demons he had to overcome and so did his dad.  Earth as we know it had become anti human, therefore uninhabitable.  I thought Smith’s son did a brilliant acting portrayal of a kid put in a difficult situation where he had to reach into the depths of his soul to overcome.  I feel this movie is Oscar worthy.  Too bad it probably won’t get the nod come Oscar time.  The story is deep and deserves it’s viewers to see it with a clear mind, untarnished by the media.  In my humble opinion, After Earth is a “Must See”!

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