PEEPLES (2013) – My rating: 5/10

Made for TV as oppose to the big screen!                                                 Peeples         A cute story but it’s been done better many times before.  There were a few funny scenes however, I found Peeples to be too unrealistic.  David Alan Grier, who I always find over the top, funny did an awesome job of portraying the annal father living in the Hamptons with his annal family.   There were more skeletons in their closet than in a science lab.  They were not your typical family and they didn’t have typical family issues.  Over all, it was a stress free movie with some laughs — you can’t go wrong with that!  I wonder who’s idea it was to couple Kerry Washington with Craig Robinson.  That was funny in itself.  I didn’t sense any real chemistry between them.  I would recommend waiting for the DVD on this one — Movies are much too pricy to invest on Peeples.

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