WOLVERINE (2013) — My Rating: 8/10

WolverineThis may have been the best of the Wolverine  characters.  We got to see a whole lot of him.  He is in almost every frame.  Who can complain with his newly sculptured body.  The story is the key — I believe it was one of the best.  I loved the fighting girls and the weakened Wolverine.  There’s a train segment that is mind blowing.  Talk about “camera, action — Director, James Mangold outdid himself.  The movie was a little long but still enjoyable.  Boredom was not an issue.  Basically, Wolverine was summoned by an old dying acquaintance for a chance to say farewell and thank you for saving his life many years ago.  As it turns out, there was a lot more to this call than good bye.  The action leading up to Wolverine’s trip to Japan and the appearance of the young girl sent to bring him there was pretty exciting.

Be certain, if you see this movie, that you watch it to the end and then some.  The “then some” is fantastic.  The sequel is in the works.  I highly recommend seeing Wolverine on the big screen.  I felt I had to give it a rating of 8 out of 10.

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