TheMortalinstruments-CityofBonesI really didn’t expect much from this movie.  It was a little corny through two thirds of the film, leading up to the the last third which was pretty exciting.  It seemed like some of the HBO crew (Jonathan Rhys Meyers – The Tudors and Lena Headey – Game of Thrones) saw an opportunity to keep their movie appearances current by starring in this demon vs human vs everything else (sort of True Blood themed) film.  There were many different species involved in this movie that was basically about demons.  A young girl, played by Lily Collins, found out she is a Shadow Hunter.  Her mother disappears and her home is trashed by demons looking for a sacred, gold chalice.  She is forced to find out her true heritage and calling.  The adventure gets a little weird as she learns the truth about her mother and herself.  Lots of action and nice special effects.

There is a series of books (6 in all) so look for a sequel.  It’s worth seeing on the big screen.  No love loss if you wait for the DVD.

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