THE FAMILY (2013) – My rating: 5.5/10

TheFamilyAnother disappointing movie.  The Family wasn’t even well written.  I wanted to laugh at the many attempts made to be funny but The Family was no laughing matter.  The last 15 minutes became dark but finally, entertaining.  Why oh why would the great and talented Robert De Niro sign up for a bomb like this?  The Family was oh…so…slow.  I watched an older couple leave before the movie was half way through.  The best scenes were given away in the trailer.  A mob family has been relocated into the Witness Protection Program because the father (Robert de Niro) became a snitch.  The whole family is mob material: the son is a wheeler dealer, the daughter beats the crap out of anyone in her way with her fist and a baseball bat and their mother (Michelle Pfeiffer) does it all which includes arson.  De Niro’s character (who is uneducated) poses as a writer.  This formula has the ingredient for a very funny film.  I’m not sure what happened but it was anything but funny, it didn’t even have it’s moments except in the end when many other characters entered the picture.  I reluctantly recommend waiting for the DVD.

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