THE LONE SURVIVOR (2013) – My rating 9/10

TheLoneSurvivorSome movies make you laugh, some make you cry and others just bring out all of your emotions.  The Lone Survivor made me incredibly sad.  On one level, I felt anger towards my fellow Americans for not treating our war veterans and heroes with the honor, respect and admiration they deserve.  On another level, I felt grief and sadness to the point of sobbing right there in the movie theater.  This movie is being compared to Saving Private Ryan and that’s a reasonable comparison given the extreme graphic exploitation of the soldiers as they were engaged in battle.  The Lone Survivor is a significant true story of a mission, “Operation Red Wings”, gone bad in June of 2005.  4 Navy Seals were ambushed  south of Sawtalo Sar in Afghanistan. Their mission was to take down one of the Taliban’s most notorious leaders, Ahmad Shah.   Mark Wahlberg played Hospital Corpsman First Class Marcus Luttrell,   and Taylor Kitch played Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, the team leader.   The Lone Survivor is a “Should See” movie for all adults.  There are profound messages in the story — See it any way you can, DVD or the big screen, it’s worth both your time and money.

[The LONE SURVIVOR is nominated for Achievement in Sound Editing and Achievement in Sound Mixing]

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