HER (2013) – My rating 8.5/10

HerWhat a concept, brilliantly acted by Joaquin Phoenix.  I absolutely loved this movie.  There’s no real action or crazy drama.  It’s just pure and simple, touchy feely and soft and quite.  Scarlett Johansson as the voice of the OS (operating system)  made life seem so effortless and calm that I wanted an OS to love for myself.  Her was funny yet serious.  I wondered all through the movie if man would ever evolve to this technology.   I’ve always heard, “if you can think it, it can be invented”.  I don’t think that’s really true and there are some ideas I wouldn’t want to see invented.    Overall, I recommend HER because it’s different and well acted.  If you’re into the Oscars and are trying to see all the nominated movies, see this one to see why it got the nod.

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