AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (2013) – My rating 9.5/10

AugustOsageCountyWhy oh why didn’t this movie get a nomination for Best Picture? There are 10 slots for Best Picture. August: Osage County (“AOC” or The Butler could have filled the last slot which remains blank. I can’t say enough about this extremely well acted and well told story. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing. Before I saw “AOC” I had my sights set on a different actress for the Best Actress award. After seeing “AOC”, hands down, Meryl Streep deserves that Oscar. Over all, the movie almost resembled a play but was so well done, it just didn’t matter. I don’t think “AOC” has gotten it’s just deserts. I don’t think it was well marketed. I was amazed at both the direction and the acting. A cast of veteran actors really make this movie among the best for me. The brilliant performances of Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper and Margo Martindale contributes to this story of a highly dysfunctional family who got that way due to their ultimate dysfunctional parents, brilliantly played by Meryl Streep and Sam Shepard. Drop everything and go see August: Osage County — it’s really worth your time and money. For me, this may be Meryl’s best performance, to date!

[AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY is nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress]

4 responses to “AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (2013) – My rating 9.5/10

  1. This is the first positive review of this I have read.

    • My critiques are from the viewers point of view. Critics tend to look for literary content that is not necessary entertaining to the average viewer. Critics say “Must Go” when Viewers say “So So”. I think “AOC” is one of the most profound films of a dysfunctional family I’ve seen. Extremely well acted. It’s a little dark and difinately not funny.

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