Only one Word was on my mind

This is both profound and beautiful.

the Hunt for Truth


As I face myself in the mirror…
I’m looking for holiness within my human face… 
that will come along

I was looking deeper than at my face. I was facing myself just as I’d been doing many dozens of times before, but this is what I need to share  — it was different this time. I was looking through myself and beyond the past of myself, even faster than the speed of light it was. I was really this time in acceptance that I’ve been doing the best that I can do. I know darn well that nothing that I can or did do or even will do makes me worthy of God’s Grace; no matter if I even by some chance may do one thing even perfectly. In fact, I wouldn’t have to work at it to tear up my mental image of myself doing the best that I can — recalling times…

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