REVENGE – My rating 8.5/10

RevengeRevenge is in it’s 3rd season.  It started out with all the potential, action, and cunningness necessary for a fantastic series.  A wealthy  family (the Graysons) who live  in the Hamptons, framed their executive employee (David Clarke) to take the fall for treason and a couple of other crimes that were actually committed by them (the Graysons).  David’s daughter Amanda Clarke returns to the Hamptons as Emily Thorne to seek revenge on the Graysons and anyone else who participated in her father’s demise.  Agents of the Graysons had David murdered in prison to make sure there wouldn’t be any backlash or loos ends.  There are many, many twist and turns as we progress through the seasons of Revenge.  I for one, was lured into Emily’s world of deceit and cleverness but after a few seasons, have decided this season should be the end.  It’s becoming unbelievable and turning into a soap opera.  I can’t imagine what a 4th season would bring.  You might feel differently, as this is just my opinion.  However, keep in mind, there is just so much exposure one can endure before a revenge plot falls apart.

UPDATE:  Season 4

This season has transformed quite nicely to more revenge but not from Emily.  Apparently, this series has some excellent writers because they have managed to go where I couldn’t imagine.  After all has been said and done, Revenge is still kicking strongly.  I’m still enjoying the series as much now as I did in the beginning.  Kudos to ABC and their Revenge writers.

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