SAVING MR. BANKS (2014) – My rating: 8.0/10

SavingMrBanksSaving Mr. Banks was brilliantly done.  It’s my understanding that Pamela L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins and played by Emma Thompson, would not allow her beloved Mary Poppins to be remade so the Disney studios decided to make Saving Mr. Banks, a story about how the original creation of the film came about.  Mrs. Travers, as she liked to be called, was quite eccentric and held her character, Mary Poppins, near and dear to her heart.  The story was based on her family and was mostly dedicated to her father who died at the young age of 43 from influenza.  Her father was also a heavy drinker who was demoted from a Bank Manager to a Bank Clerk.  Their relationship was very close and his dead was devastating.  Saving Mr. Banks nicely parallels P. L. Travers’ later life and her childhood.  Walt Disney, played by Tom Hanks,  incorporated a little of his father’s history in the Mr. Banks character by adding a mustache that Mrs. Travers didn’t want.  Disney spent 20 years trying to get the rights from P. L. Travers to film Mary Poppins before she finally gave in.  Pamela Travers was born in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.  According to her grandchildren, Travers died at the age of 96 loving no one and with no one loving her.  While I enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks,  it can be enjoyed just as much on Blu-Ray as on the big screen.

[SAVING MR. BANKS is nominated for Achievement in Music (Original Score)]

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