THE BOOK THIEF (2013) – My rating 9/10

TheBookThiefThere isn’t a movie about the Holocaust that doesn’t  have me crying my eyeballs out by the end of the film.  The Book Thief, although it didn’t end as horribly as some others I’ve seen, still had me crying.  This movie was moving, tenderly told and horrific at the same time.   This film focuses on Liesel Meminger (played by Sophie Nélisse), who’s birth mother apparently had a mental breakdown.  Liesel befriends a little boy named Rudy Steiner, (played by Nico Liersch) who loved her till his dying breath and also gave her the nick name, The Book Thief.  Her new family, played by Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson,  loved her as their own.  Liesel was an above average child who went though quite a bit and managed to encounter new and different challenges that included befriending a Jewish lad, Max Vandenburg, (played by Ben Schnetzer) who her newly adoptive family was hiding from the Nazis.  She befriended others who were all under duress because of Hitler’s sick and evil plan to get rid of all Jews.  People in her life would come and go, mostly go, but she never became bitter.  Liesel loved to read and would borrow books when ever the opportunity presented itself.  World War II was in full force and she would find herself, along with all the towns residents waiting it out in the bomb shelter where she sometimes would tell stories from one of the books she had read.  This would prove to have a calming effect on everyone and earned her much admiration.  I loved the movie, even though it saddened me.  At this late date, you probably can only see it on DVD, which is fine.

[THE BOOK THIEF is nominated for Achievement in Music (Original Score)

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