THE GRANDMASTER (2013) – My rating: 6/10

TheGrandmasterMaybe it’s because this movie was foreign with English subtitles or maybe it was because it just wasn’t that good but to my surprise, I didn’t like The Grandmaster.  I found so many of the scenes in this action film drawn out to the point I thought the movie was frozen.  The Grandmaster was about the man, IP Man played by Tony Chiu Wai Leung, who trained Bruce Lee.  It started out with a bang — two rival gangs fighting down to 1 man, The Grandmaster.  He was a fantastic Kung Fu fighter and good looking to boot.  After that opening, it started to go downhill.  The subtitles changed so fast, you didn’t have time to read everything, which is a common problem with foreign films.  My eyes started to burn from the strain.  I found myself staring at Zhang Yongcheng played by Hye-Kyo Song, for several minutes at a time, even when there was no dialogue.  Much of this movie offered the same long and drawn out scenes.  I was excited to see this movie because I heard the fight scenes were excellent and it was compared to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  I was very disappointed when The Grandmaster didn’t turn out as expected.  The fighting gets an A but the rest of the movie gets a D.  I hope the DVD, when it’s released, will be  dubbed in English.

[THE GRANDMASTER is nominated for Achievement in Cinematography and Achievement in Costume Design]

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