DELIRIOUS (2006) – My rating: 8/10

DeliriousThis is the kind of off beat movie you don’t expect too much out of.  Surprise, it was great.  A paparazzi named Les played by the great Steve Buscemi, along with the rest of the paparazzi will do anything for a money shot.  A very handsome, homeless, wanna be actor named Toby, played by Michael Pitt, ends up working for Les in exchange for a spot on his couch to sleep.  They fast become good friends.  While trying to get a money shot of the ever popular K’Harma Leeds, played by Alison Lohman, Toby and K connect.  Toby must now decide where his loyalities lie.  As Toby and K start hanging out, they grow closer and closer.  K drops any other boyfriends and focuses solely on Toby.  As Toby gets discovered, he becomes sort after but always in love with K.  It’s interesting to see how this movie unfolds.  I still don’t like the ethics of the paparazzi any better but I really enjoyed this movie as it kept the element of surprise forever present throughout the movie.


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