EDGE OF TOMORROW (2014) – My rating: 8/10

EdgeOfTomorrowI’m impressed.  Tom Cruise still has it.  Edge of Tomorrow was pretty good.  My initial feelings about this movie was it’s gonna suck, but it didn’t.  The special effects were awesome and the story line was excellent.  It starts out with Tom Cruise as Major Cage, an officer in the Army who promotes equipment to the higher ups.  While meeting with a General, Major Cage gets assigned into combat which he is unable to accept.  After trying everything to change his orders, Major Cage finds himself in the very situation he has always avoided by having a position that he thought would keep him safe and out of harms way.  He now has to fight an alien race which he is ill equip to handle.  Additionally, unknown to all but 2 people, the major finds himself in a time loop caused by the alien.  Together with a Special Forces Warrior (Rita) played by Emily Blunt, he gets the training he needs and because of the time loop, he also gets the experience needed to defeat this alien race.  I think this story was brilliantly written and well acted.  Edge of Tomorrow is definitely worth seeing on the big scene.

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