INTO THE STORM (2014) – My rating: 9/10

IntoTheStormWhat a thrill ride! Into the Storm was exciting, and powerful. There were some slow moments but overall it was really good. After seeing Twister several years ago, I didn’t know what to expect — I thought it had all been done. Into the Storm took you into the eye of the storm in a way Twister didn’t. There was one phenomenal scene I won’t expound on because it would really be a spoiler. I will say that scene made me feel as though I was in that tornado seeing and feeling what I would feel and see if I were in that situation. The story shows what could and would happen when a tornado touches down on a town without much warning. There are some fantastic special effects, showing a tornado split into several, while up-routing everything in it’s path. You could really feel the power of the storm. Trees, cars, people and even airplanes are throw about like toys.  The devastation was heart breaking but the attitude of those hit by it was full of hope and determination to rebuild. The job of chasing a tornado is extremely dangerous as well as stressful. I wouldn’t want to do it for any amount of money. Into the Storm is an eye opening film that I think is definitely worth seeing.

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