SCORPION – My rating: 7/10

ScorpionOnly 2 episodes have aired so far.  I liked the 2nd episode better than the first which is to say, I can’t fairly judge this series until I’ve seen more.  I love technology and these geniuses are just an added bonus.  This show has good plots however,  I find the acting a little lacking but acceptable.   Elyes Gabel plays Walter O’Brian, the smartest of a group of through-the-roof geniuses who are hired by the government to hack and solve their way through cases of those like them but with criminal minds.   They are an international network of super-geniuses who are paid a handsome sum to be the last defense against global threats.  I’m happy to see Katherine McPhee has landed in a new series, even though she’s not singing in this one.  She’s playing  the part of Paige Dineen, the mother of a genius 9 year old son and the translator (she interprets technical jargon into laymen terms)  for the group.  This show is so high tech, one could get lost if you’re not paying close attention.  The writers must be careful not to out tech the audience or they will surely lose their fans.  I will revisit this series before the season finale so I can give a fair and reboust critique of The Scorpion.  Until then, I am rating it a 7 and think you should check it out.  Keep in mind, Scorpion is not for everyone but CBS manages to do a decent job of keeping you interested.  You can also learn a lot from this series, as these cases really exist.  Check it out!

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