BIG EYES (2014) – My rating: 8.5/10

BigEyesBig Eyes is based on the true story of Margaret Keane who gave away her rightful ownership for creating paintings of children with very large eyes.  Her paintings were brilliant, beautiful and sometimes sad.  Amy Adams plays artist Margaret Keane,  who married Walter Keane, the name she painted under.  Because of Walter’s savvy marketing abilities and the fact that women artist were not taken seriously, he was able to convince Margaret that he should take credit for the paintings and she agreed.  Walter is magnificently played by Christoph Waltz (known for Django and Inglourious Basterds among a huge list of cinematography) .  As the couple became well known for Margaret’s paintings, their relationship began taking a tremendous hit, due to Margaret’s resentment of her husband taking credit for something he didn’t create.  Her weakness to step forward and tell the truth about who was really creating the paintings became the focus of her being.  In the end, Margaret had to sue her husband in order to reclaim recognition and ownership of her work.  Big Eyes is intense and well written spanning through the 1950s and 1960s in Miami and San Francisco. However, the courtroom drama takes place in Hawaii.  There’s talk of Oscar nominations for best actor and best actress.  Obviously, Big Eyes is a big hit and is worth a ticket to the big screen.

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