RAMPAGE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT (2014) – My rating: 8/10

RampageCapitalPunishmentRampage Capital Punishment not only  held my interest, it’s action and subject matter awakened me right out of a sleepy stupor.  It was exciting and suspenseful.  A disturbed man decides to get his political message across by killing over a 100 people, taking over a TV station, making what’s left of the employees hostages and broadcasting an interview between a known, local anchorman named Chip and himself.  While most of his message has merit, his methodology and human sacrifice was sickening and unwarranted.  Justifying his killing spree because “there’s too many people in the world” rendered his message void.  Brendan Fletcher plays Bill Williams,  a vigilante who is seeking vengeance on the rich,  has truly lost his mind.  His message of how this government is run was spot on.  There’s a lot of action and killing in this movie.  I saw it on Netflix, only to discover Rampage Capital Punishment is a sequel.  I will watch the first iteration called Rampage, critique it and post the results on Carol’s World.  The ending was particularly disturbing — however, I wouldn’t want to give anything away so you will have to see it for yourself.  I dare say, Rampage Capital Punishment is worth watching.

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