RUN LOLA RUN (1998) – My rating: 7.5/10

RunLolaRunIf you don’t like how the movie progresses or ends, give the audience alternatives.  A problem was presented in the beginning of the story.  What followed were 3 different scenarios.  Then it was all over.   Lola played by Franka Potente,  literally ran through each scenario.  The first scenario was unpleasant every step of the way.  While the audience holds out hope for the outcome, the story tells us otherwise.  When we get to the finish line, it’s not necessarily what one would hope for.  The 2nd scenario is more pleasing but ended badly, as did the 1st.  The 3rd and last scenario is the most likely scenario, as it is more satisfying to the masses.  This is a foreign film that takes place in Germany and is formated like the Electric Company, an old TV show for children that teaches choice and decision making.  If I do this, that can happen but if I choose that, this may happen.  In my opinion, Run Lola Run is an interesting film, but you be the judge.  For me, I was minimally entertained but saw value in it’s message.  I saw Run Lola Run on DVD.  I am unfamiliar with the actors but found they did a great job.  There’s even some eye candy for us ladies.  It’s hard to say what this movie is about because of the way it’s structured.  The best I can give you is a young lady is in love and her boyfriend gets into trouble.  She’s determined to save the day, hence the 3 different “what can I do to help” scenarios.  The question here is, which route shall I take?  At lease Run Lola Run is on DVD — no loss there!  You might find it quite entertaining.

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