THE INTERVIEW (2014) – My rating: 7/10

TheInterviewIf it had not been for all the hoopla surrounding The Interview, Sony wouldn’t have enjoyed the revenue this film raked in over the holidays.  The Interview is entertaining and somewhat funny but it’s certainly doesn’t score as a block buster movie.   A popular US talk show host, Dave Skylark, played by James Franco and producer Aaron Rapoport, played by Seth Rogen host a celebrity tabloid show called Skylark Tonight.  They get word that they are favorites of the most dangerous dictator in the world, Kim Jong-un of North Korea.  Dave and Aaron decide to take advantage of this situation by conducting an interview with Kim, in North Korea.  When the CIA gets wind of the interview, they decide to seize the opportunity by asking Dave and Aaron to assassinate Kim.  The fun begins watching these 2 dim witted guys try to make this a reality.  Dave gets lost in the propaganda which prevents him from getting the job done.  On the other hand, Dave’s partner Aaron is extremely focused and tries to carry on despite Dave.  I grew tired of their silly antics but found the film tolerable.  I understand Sony is now going to release the film in multiple theaters with plans to make The Interview more available on line for $5.99 to rent and $14.99 to purchase.  The interview is not terrible but it’s not great either.  It’s your average silly comedy with a message about North Korea.  Who knows, this whole incident may have opened up a new idea in movie viewing.  Releasing movies on line would enable an entire family to watch for $6 bucks instead of $12+ per person.  Of course this would eliminate the need for most theaters but it would also be safe, if you care about that sort of thing!  I would say wait for the DVD but it’s already streamed.

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