SELMA (2014) – My rating: 10/10

SelmaSelma is the most significant movie to come out of Hollywood on the subject of the Black plight since Amistad.  Selma chronicles a period of 3 months in which the march for the right to vote in 1965 from Selma to Montgomery took place.  This powerful story serves to inform Black and White America from the inside, how an entire race of human beings lived through a Black Holocaust orchestrated by the hands of the very people who enslaved them and used them to build this great nation we live in.  David Oyelowo plays Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the greatest non-violent civil rights leader that ever  lived.  I cried throughout this emotionally packed movie that tells the story of how Black and White supporters were slain and beaten in the pursuance of the Black equal right to vote saga.  Selma also tells the story of hatred in the South that spread all over America and abroad.  In addition, it showed the many Whites who stepped up and died for the cause.   Tim Wilkinson brilliantly played Lyndon Baines Johnson who, in the end, did the right thing by signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Selma was a huge but small part of the Black plight.  Since their abduction from Africa, enslavement and defilement as humans, to the Emancipation, Jim Crow and up to present day, millions have died.  I wish I could say it’s over but Ferguson and Staten Island shows us that it’s not.  I can only hope movies like Selma will help all Americans understand what took place and that we have enough to battle without battling each other and without all the hatred.  The story was spot-on and the cast was brilliant.  Carmen Ejogo played Coretta Scott King, Martin’s wife.  Kudos to Paul Webb (writer) and Ava DuVernay (director)  for this well told story.  Selma is Oscar worthy, indeed!

[SELMA is nominated for Best Picture and Music: Original Song

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