TAKEN 3 (2014) – My rating 7/10

Taken3Not a bad sequel.  Taken 3 is your typical violent, familiar story about a family member, kidnapped, killed, or harmed in some way as a drawing out card for the purpose of seeking revenge on some highly trained agent.  There are so many of these stories around, the only saving grace is how well the story is told, how good the car chases are or how big fights are and how violent the film becomes.  In the end, the task is successful, the revenge is flipped and stuck up the butts of the evil and the point is well taken.  No matter how many times Hollywood takes on these types of stories, the audience is drawn into all the hype and all’s well that ends well.  Since the actual death of his wife, Liam Neeson who plays ex-government operative, Bryan Mills, has certainly emerged himself in movie after movie.  His pace is phenomenal.  I’m surprised at the level of interest, the plot and the end results,  which I think set us up for Taken 4.  I don’t think these kind of sequels will ever end.  After all, how many new ideas are left?  Taken 3 is a pretty good movie and definitely entertaining.  No surprises here!

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