JUPITER ASCENDING (2015) – My rating: 6.5/10

JupiterAscendingThe trailers for Jupiter Ascending were enticing but the movie was all over the place.  Ambiguous yet tolerable as a love story, Jupiter Ascending was a letdown.  The special effects were some of the best I’ve seen. I think someone got carried away with perfecting green screen scenes instead of letting the audience in on what was really happening.  At one point, I was just watching for the effects rather than trying to make sense of the story.  Please note, I saw this movie in Real 3D, which really brought the special effects to life.

It seems 3 siblings are hungry for the same territory and would do what ever it takes to secure it as their inheritance.  Along comes Mila Kunis who plays the queen, Jupiter Jones and is called “your majesty” throughout the movie.  As the rightful heir, Jupiter  stands to take the most valuable claim of all, Earth.  The thing is, she doesn’t know anything about it.  She didn’t even know there was life on other planets.  The whole concept of this movie was unbelievable and totally a waste of good talent.  There are so many issues I haven’t resolved because of the ambiguity of Jupiter Ascending.  Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) who is Mila’s love interest gave the role his best shot, but the movie was too corny to save.  Eddie Redmayne’s (Best Actor nominee for The Theory of Everything) character, Balem Abrassax,  at least, gave the movie a slight lift as the most evil of the 3 siblings.  I found most of the other characters to be pretty flat.  I recommend you wait for DVD on this one and even then, don’t expect too much.

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