SPY (2015) – My rating: 8.5/10

SpyBeing a Melissa McCarthy fan, I must say, she didn’t let me down, Spy was great. I laughed all the way through the movie. Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a trained spy, but works in the basement of the CIA HQ where there are bats in the ceiling and mice running all over the place. She is the trained eyes for her teammate Bradley Fine, (Jude Law) when he is in the field. She is secretly smitten with him and pines her life away hoping someday he will give her more than the time of day. She gets no respect from the higher ups and no prospect of ever getting out of her current work situation. Without giving away spoilers, the situation changes and Susan goes out into the field where she becomes a super spy. While there’s a lot of unbelievable stunts, Susan’s role takes on a new meaning, giving entertainment a life of it’s own. McCarthy brings her own brand of comedy to the film and has you routing for her every step of the way. It was truly fun to see straight actors like Jason Statham, who played Rick Ford and Richard Brake, who played Solsa Dudaev in a comedy of this caliber. Rose Byrne’s role as Rayna Boyanov was played to perfection, as the ruthless daughter of an arms dealer who’s father was killed earlier in the film. After meeting Rayna, McCarthy was transformed from an uninteresting, grandmother looking type to a sexy fighting machine who had it all together. Spy was more than I expected — it was just a fun, fun, fun movie. There were a couple of twist and a couple of surprises. I highly recommend seeing Spy. It’s not slap stick or stupid and has a fantastic cast.

3 responses to “SPY (2015) – My rating: 8.5/10

  1. We can’t wait to see this. It’s going to be great! XOXO – Bacon


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