THE CHALLENGER (2015) – My rating: 8/10

TheChallengerThe challenger is Michael Clarke Duncan’s last film, which started production in 2012 and was finally released September 11, 2015.  Michael also was the Executive Producer.  It’s been three years since he pasted from a heart attack and this film serves as a great reminder of a great actor who is missed for more than just his acting.
The Challenger is the story of a young man, Jaden Miller (Kent Morgan) who hadn’t found his purpose in life and still lived with his ailing mother, Jada Miller (S. Epatha Merkerson) who didn’t have the means to keep them living above poverty.  While working as a mechanic, Jaden met retired, legendary boxing trainer, Duane Taylor (Michael Clarke Duncan) who owns a training gym in the Bronx but had no worthy candidates.  Jaden decides to start boxing to keep him and his mother from living on the streets and to pay for the triple by pass surgery she would soon need to save her life.  The Challenger is a simple story written by Kent Morgan but interesting and entertaining.  Good acting and a good, average  story.  There are some out-takes at the end that shows the kind of person Michael Clarke Duncan was — if he were able to comment, I think he’d be pleased.  It would appear his actual character was as nice as when he started out in The Green Mile.  Too bad, we lost a really good one.  RIP.


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