BEASTS OF NO NATION – My rating: 10/10

BeastsOfNoNationChances are, you’ve never heard of this movie.  Believe it or not, Netflix is actually earning the money they’re charging you for streaming and rentals.  Beasts of No Nation is a Netflix original and the buzz is that it may be the first non-Hollywood, non-theater released movie to be nominated for an Oscar in any category.  (Actually, this movie was briefly  released in a very small amount of theaters just so that it would comply with the rules for Oscar nominations).  Beasts of No Nation is so good, it will probably be a front runner in the Best Picture and Best Actor categories.  Before I viewed the movie, I went to IMDB to see what other viewers had to say about it.  Before I completed my initial search, a huge banner appeared advertising the must see movie with a rating of 8.2 out of 10.  I also read that the child star’s performance was the best acting from a child ever brought to the big screen.  I was surprised on a couple of levels.  So let me give you the 411 on this movie.

Beasts of No Nation takes place in West Africa and is about a young African boy named Agu (Abraham Attah) whose village gets wiped out by the local army. While running for his life, he’s discovered by a rebel “Native Defense Force” whose leader, Commandant (Idris Elda), takes him under his wing and teaches him to be a soldier.  He is taught how to fight, kill and become just like the beasts that destroyed his village and killed his family.  It’s a very interesting but sad depiction of life in that part of Africa.  It truly gives a whole new meaning to life.  You will learn that everything is not as it seems and nothing is for free.  This movie is not for the weak minded, as it deals with murder, physical and emotional rape, violence and humiliation.  Beasts of No Nation is serious, intense and brilliantly acted.  Agu’s life is shown from a perspective we don’t usually see and for a good reason — it’s an extremely hard pill to swallow.  I highly recommend Beasts of No Nation if you want a dose of reality not colored or tainted with cover ups.

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