STEVE JOBS (2015) – My rating: 7.5/10

SteveJobsSince the death of Apple’s Co-Founder, Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender), there’s been a lot of interest to get his story out so the world knows who he really was.  In this version, much like the Bible, only a portion of Job’s life is revealed and is basically told in three parts:  All the problems leading up to the beginning of Apple prior to 1984, Job’s preparing to launch the NEXT computer at Davies Symphony Hall in 1988, then finally, Jobs preparing to premier the iMac in 1998, the computer that restored the company.

I thought this movie was well acted and the story well told.  Kate Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, Apple’s High Marketing Executive as well as confidant to Steve Jobs. Seth Rogen brilliantly plays Co-Founder Steve Wozniak who together with Jobs, created the Apple II.  Jeff Daniels plays CEO John Sculley who had a very complex relationship with the very complex man, Steve Jobs.   During the years depicted in this film, we learn that Steve Jobs was an intense person with a lot of problems.  He managed to alienate many people who were instrumental to his career and life achievements.  The film was pretty factual and to the point, not leaving much to the imagination.  The fact that he was adopted was mentioned and his biological father was shown briefly.  Steve didn’t really have much excitement in his young life save he had difficulty making friends and was considered a loner.  Steve never married but has a daughter who played a big part in the movie.  It is argued whether Jobs was really as troubled as the movie portrayed him and if he was disliked as much as the movie indicated.  I think that’s something we’ll never really know.

Steve Jobs is worth seeing.  He revolutionized technology and has a superior product on the market that is well respected.  If for no other reason, we should know the history of the man and the vision.

[STEVE JOBS is nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress]


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