RISEN (2016) – My rating: 8.7/10

RisenRisen is about a Roman soldier’s search for Jesus’ body following the Resurrection.  I’ve seen many stories of the resurrection and beyond, somehow Risen is different.  I liked it because there were no special effects or gimmicks to grab your attention or keep you interested beyond the facts.  I also thought the actors were closer to the way the people probably looked in that part of the world at that time and I was actually surprised throughout the movie even though I knew the story well.  Back in December 2002, CNN released a computer generated picture of what Jesus most likely looked like according to the time, place and history of the region where He lived, as illustrated in Popular Mechanics.  (See picture with partial story below.)  The actor (Cliff Curtis) who played the role of Yeshua (one of many names of Jesus and the name which was used in Risen) resembles that look more than any other actor I’ve seen playing the role of Jesus.




Actor Cliff Curtis as Yeshua








Risen is well acted and well directed by Kevin Reynolds.  The soldier in search of the dead body of Jesus is named Clavius, a Roman Tribune (Joseph Fiennes), who finds much more than he could have ever imagined.  Acting on behalf of Pilate (Peter Firth), Clavius along with Lucius (Tom Felton), at his side, was to find the body and bring it to be displayed before the people to stop rumors of a resurrection.  The journey is one the world will never forget.  Risen is a good film worth your time.  I highly recommend it.


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