THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR (2016) – My rating: 8.3/10

ThePurgeElectionYearHere we are, back for the third Purge movie.  Shockingly, the second was better than the first and the third is better than the second, which makes this one the best of the sequels.  The concept is still ridiculous but the movie was really good.  There’s quite a bit going on in The Purge: Election Year however, I’ll keep the story telling short, as not to give away too many spoilers, even though it’s pretty much the same as the first two.  The US government feels by giving all people in the United States the freedom to murder anyone they please, with no penalty, once a year, for a period of 12 hours, will keep crime down and allow those with pent up stress and frustrations to release their anxieties.  Hospitals and all other emergency facilities are shut down for those 12 hours.  Also, there is no help available like police, firemen or transportation during the purge.  In Election Year, Senator Charlie Roan, (Elizabeth Mitchell) who is running for President, is the soul survivor of the purge of 2022 (18 years ago) when her entire family was murdered right in front of her.  She is determined to put a stop to this insane idea of a purge.  However, there is an entire government organization called the NFFA who wants to keep it going because their agenda is to eliminate all the poor and homeless people so they won’t have to take care of them.  This will eliminate government programs like welfare, child care and food stamps.  The NFFA, headed by Caleb Warren, (Raymond J. Barry) view Roan as a threat to their new world order and plot to use the upcoming Purge to eliminate her as a presidential candidate.  There’s no one you can trust.  Former police sergeant Leo Barnes, (Frank Grillo) is Roan’s bodyguard who loss a son due to a drunk driver accident, is hell bent on protecting Roan.  There are side stories that are very interesting and shows us that there are some very sick people in the world (and that’s not just movie talk).  Convenience store and deli owner Joe Dixon, (Mykelti Williamson) finds his insurance company is abandoning him the night before the purge, leaving him without any way to defend his only source of income but himself.  There are vigilante groups out in the streets trying to help those stranded during this horrific time which harbors more corruption than one could imagine.   Opposing Senator Roan is Minister Edwidge Owens, (Kyle Secor) a New Founding Father (NFFA) member set up as a presidential candidate to maintain the status quo, who is also the epitome of nefarious.  Plans are put into motion surrounding purge night and we get to see whether or not they work out.  This movie is both surprising and entertaining.  It’s sure to get your dander up.  I was on the edge of my seat.  I was surprised for a third time, as I did not want to see the Purge series.  It’s certainly school for thought — I hope this could never happen.  In my option The Purge: Election Year is worth seeing.


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