THE INFILTRATOR (2016) – My rating: 8.5/10

TheInfiltratorBased on a true story, The Infiltrator tells how in the 1980s, US Customs Service special agent Robert Mazur, (Brian Stranton) helped bring down the nefarious bankers who manipulated complex international finance systems to serve drug lords,  (including Pablo Escobar) corrupt politicians, tax cheats, and terrorists. It also chronicles the rise and fall of the world’s biggest and most intricate money-laundering operation, responsible for cleaning and moving hundreds of millions of dollars a year for several cartels.  The Infiltrator shows the hard work of many different law enforcement agencies, who together accomplished the arrest of over 100 corrupt individuals, as well as closed down the The Bank of Credit and Commerce International who secretly took illegal ownership of First American Bank shares in Washington, DC.    It also paints a vivid portrait of undercover life and its many sacrifices.  Flooded with lies, near misses, and exciting escapes, The Infiltrator is as thrilling as any fiction movie, only it actually happened.  Of course there are the usual embellishments for the sake of the movie but for the most part, it’s true to life.

The movie focuses on (Bryan Cranston) as Agent Robert Mazur/Bob Musella who was married with children and used Bob Musella as his uncover name and his partner (John Leguizamo) as Agent Emir Abreu who in real life was a street smart agent who had a gift for reading people.  (Diane Kruger) as rookie Agent Kathy Ertz was brought in to play Bob’s undercover fiancé.  (Benjamin Bratt) as Roberto Alcaino was a wealthy Chilean-born jeweler who was one of the main collectors of cash for the Medellín Cartel in the United States and had direct contact with Pablo Escobar.  (Amy Ryan) as Agent and Supervisor Bonni Tischler, headed up this operation known as Operation C-Chase.  (Juliet Aubrey) as Evelyn Mazur, Robert’s wife who put up with his undercover work that took him away for months at a time.  Olympia Dukakis as Aunt Vicky, Robert’s wealthy aunt who helped as a friend, convince Roberto Alcaino she was a successful real estate investor.  All in all, there were approximately 250 law enforcement personnel who worked on Operation C-Chase.

There were some changes from the real life story but not enough to significantly change the movie.  The Infiltrator was entertaining, suspenseful and well acted.  I don’t think it got the marketing attention it should have but it was still a good movie worth seeing.



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