WAR DOGS (2016) – My rating: 9/10

WarDogsBased on a true story, War Dogs, a very dark comedy, was well written and well acted. No matter whose point of view this story was told from, those who were wrong seemed to get their just deserts and those who were right seemed to benefit accordingly. Two high school grads, who appeared to be best friends in school, moved on in separate directions. Neither had gainful employment or prospects of a meaningful career on their horizon. Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill), the more outgoing of the two fared a little better than his buddy David Packouz (Miles Teller), who was trying to make a career selling Egyptian, 400 count sheets to elderly homes. He quickly found out that no one really cared weather or not the elderly slept on better sheets or not, in the end, elderly had bigger problems than good sheets. At present, David was a licensed massage therapist making $75 an hour. Due to a death, Efraim and David were reunited at the funeral where David found that Efraim was thriving a whole lot better than he was. The only problem was Efraim had no employees because he didn’t trust anyone, so after a long night of drinking and weed, they decided they would work together selling guns to the government. Their operation was legitimate and grossed quite a bit of money. After a few successful sales, David was able to move up to a better living situation as well as take care of his pregnant girlfriend Iz (Ana de Armas). As time moved on, the sales became bigger, the company (AEY) increased and the merchandise changed to a level they ever expected. They were actually arms dealers who were making trips to Afghanistan and other foreign countries that were equally as dangerous in the middle of a war. This all sounds good as far as a business goes, except the business didn’t stay legal and Efraim had a cocaine problem that caused his behavior to be unpredictable. He made bad decisions that put their lives in danger and their business in jeopardy. War Dogs is mostly about a $300M contract between AEY and the US Government to supply the troops in Afghanistan with 100 million rounds of 7.62x 39. While trying setting up this lucrative contract, which they thought was over their heads, David runs into Henry Girard, (Bradley Cooper) who hooks them up with what they need to get the job done.

There are many players in this movie which is fabricated to a great deal. The point is, two guys in their 20s started a business supplying weapons to the military and landed a huge contract worth 300M. They did what they had to do to fulfill the contract legally and illegally. Without telling any more of this story, I’ll leave you with this: War Dogs was entertaining, the story got told and almost everyone got what they deserved. Any enhancements that may have made this movie more fun, was just that, more fun! I for one, enjoyed the heck out of it!



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