DONALD TRUMP is a commoner, period. He is not a polished politician. He has never had to be politically correct.  He’s not polished or refined like a politician because he never had to be. His street level existence has always suited his purposes just fine.  He would always up the ante when necessary.

Donald Trump is a real estate mogul who also happens to be a bully. He has many, many flaws and clearly doesn’t belong in the political arena.  He’s barely fit to walk among the insane, let alone the sane. He’s mentally impaired and has let the whole world peek his hold card.  Make no mistake, he has great ideas and can say anything he wishes because of his MENTAL status.  However, Donald Trump honestly has no plan and cannot deliver. This is a known fact, check out his website. You just have to get over how much you want what he says to be true and know that he just can’t deliver. His real estate bullying tactics are not going to work when you are trying to run an entire country.  This just “AIN’T” real estate anymore. There’s no point raking everything he says and does through the coals because he’s doing what a common street bully with mental issues do. He really wants to do what he preaches because success would feed his Narcissistic personality bringing him to an orgasmic state of being. When he said he wants to make America great again, he wasn’t thinking about Blacks.  After all, he is a proven bigot. There has never been a time America was great for Blacks.

BTW:  Out of 14 seasons of the Apprentice series, ask Trump how many Blacks he hired. The answer is two and he asked one of them (Randal D. Pinkett, 2005) if he would share his win with a White woman who was runner up (he never asked this of any other winner). The other win was Arsenio Hall, who isn’t on speaking terms with Trump.

The media is driving us crazy with their endless reporting of his every word and action. Suffice to say, if Donald Trump were to become POTUS, we the people, would be in extreme danger of World War III, dictatorship, bigotry, global disrespect, a crashed economy, loss of A1 status, women taking a huge step backwards, losing all they’ve fought for and a massive exit of citizens from our beloved country.  Already, the bar has been lowered. Notice others are using name calling to describe their opponents running for various positions i.e. “Shady Katie”. That’s a Donald Trump tactic. It’s childish and not what we stand for. This is not what we want to teach our children. He also has a habit of denying everything he’s accused of, even when there’s video being played in the background that shows he did do or say what he’s being accused of.  His locker room banter, as he calls it, may be okay for his world but not for the world we live in.

Can we agree for the sake of our well being and the well being of our country that Donald Trump is not fit to be president?  No one should vote for him and leave it at that. He’s out of his element as well as his mind and he cannot deliver.  AGAIN, DONALD TRUMP IS NOT FIT TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, PERIOD!


HILLARY CLINTON has prepared for POTUS her whole adult life. She is a little old fashioned but she truly knows the political game. If anything, Donald Trump has shown Hillary Clinton and the rest of the world that their current ideas and strategies regarding politics and government have to change. However, you just can’t say what you want to change, without showing how you’re going to make it happen. Hillary Clinton certainly has that covered, check out her website for details.

What she now needs to change, is her old fashioned style of delivering her speeches. Just talk to us as if she would a girlfriend or family member; get personal!  When delivering a speech, no highs and lows, no preaching, no yelling, no emphasis on sentence endings. She should try just plain enthusiastic talk, show passion without the corny old fashion speech antics. She needs to stop dressing in tweed, which symbolizes rich white women attire.  Dress for all the people, even go as far as jeans and a dressy top and jacket (blazer). Appeal to the “millennial’s”.  Commit to the issues that the voters want to see changed and tell how you’re going to make it happen. She should show that she can deliver unlike her opponent and for GOD’s sake, stop wasting time talking about Donald Trump, that’s giving him free press.

Hillary should keep giving out the website address for fact checking all the lies being told about her. She should address lies against her accomplishments. The only reason people think Hillary Clinton is so crooked and would be terrible as president is because Donald Trump keeps driving this point home. Ask what danger or harm has come to the US as a result of her deleted emails. Erased emails don’t make you crooked. She should ask “what do you think I’ve done with these emails?  Do you think I’m doing something against the country?” She should keep apologizing for having email on a private server and ask the people to please stop beating her up for it. She should ask them if they ever had to deal with a couple of computers at once when you have no real computer skills. Tell them she tried to minimize computer usage/interaction and that’s it. She should make it clear she would never have deleted any emails if she had known it would have caused so much turmoil. Tell the people she’s only human trying to do her job, which is not technical and say she’s just like a lot of people that’s not very computer savvy. Finally, she should also ask what else she did to get a bad name; ask the people to help her set the record straight.

Hillary knows endless people and should let other people speak on her character, including Blacks who have known her throughout her personal and political career; ask what makes her undesirable to voters. She could also commit to a check list for her first 100 days as POTUS to show her honesty, her willingness to change and openness to listening, proven by her actions when working with Bernie Sanders on ideas he passionately campaigned about, i.e. free college tuition. Hillary also needs to stress that as president, she and not her husband, would be running the country. Remind folks that she is better than she was eight years ago when she ran for president and that she has the experience and the temperament to make change and get the job done. In conclusion, HILLARY CLINTON IS NOT THE ENEMY, DONALD TRUMP IS! 

Note To The Readers: Don’t let the US become a weak laughing stock of the world, vote for HILLARY CLINTON. You’ll be voting for continued freedom and hope for a democracy that is fair. WE DON’T HAVE THE TIME OR PLACE FOR A DEMAGOGUE. Deliver US from evil, please get out and vote Democrat!

Cam Caray

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