JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK (2016) – My rating 8/10

jackreachernevergobackI couldn’t help but notice Tom Cruise is finally showing signs of an aging actor. Not that it matters much, except it’s a little hard to accept him as a hard core, “bad ass” military fighting machine at this stag of his life. He seems to have gained considerable weight or maybe it just looked that way next to the fabulous, very much in shape body of his co-star who is certainly lean and trim eye candy to most guys and probably some females. Anyway, if you saw the first Jack Reacher movie, you pretty much know how he operates. No change there. In this follow up, “Never Go Back”, Jack returns to his old military base for a date with Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) but finds she has been arrested for espionage instead. Jack immediately gets involved only to find a cover up, murder, assassins and illegal trade deals to sink his teeth into, not to mention a potential 15 year-old daughter, Samantha Dayton, (Danika Yarosh) as who may or may not belong to him.

“Never Go Back” wasn’t a bad movie, it was just predictable. I found the movie to be a little slow at times but still an exciting thriller with a good cast. Jack Reacher certainly didn’t hold back on it’s share of violence, car chases, (for which Tom performed all of his own driving stunts) mystery, crooked military plots and ego flaunting. However, it wouldn’t be a terrible thing if you wait for the DVD release. There are lots of better movies out at the moment.


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