GOOD BEHAVIOR – My rating: 8/10

goodbehaviorGood Behavior is a sign of an excellent actress. The star role is a far cry from the famous “Lady Mary Josephine Crawley” role from Downton Abbey, the popular BBC series that ended in 2016. When I heard Good Behavior was going to air in 2017, featuring a British actress from the Downton Abbey series, I was thrilled. After watching the first couple of episodes, I was amazed. Good Behavior is about a drug dependent, alcoholic, thief, con artist and single mom, who will do what is necessary to get what she wants. Estranged from her son, Jacob Raines (Nyles Steele) because of her lifestyle and absence, due to bouts in jail and prison, Litty Raines (Michelle Dockery) is on a conquest to get her son back from her mother, Estelle (Lusia Strus) since she is fresh out of prison. In this series, Litty meets up with an assassin, Javier Pereira (Juan Diego Botto) who is both good and bad for her — so the journey begins.

There are various characters that support Good Behavior and it has the best rating out of all the new series introduced in 2016.  The story is different, adding humor, drama and OMG moments.  Litty has an unconventional parole officer Christian Woodhill, (Terry Kinny) who brings all kinds of smiles to your face.  There’s also an FBI agent, Rhonda Lashever (Ann Dowd) who needs a therapist as much as Litty.  Together, Christian and Rhonda are quite the  addition to the series.  The first 10 episodes have aired and were received with high ratings, which means Good Behavior will probably be around for a while.  I personally love the show and highly recommend it to all adults.  Good Behavior currently airs on TNT.

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