I am still shaking my head over America voting Donald Trump in as President of the United States. Didn’t all the people see and hear the same bigoted, impossible promises I did? Now he’s appointing the worst possible cabinet to help him with his personal agenda.

NOW, America is shaken, concerned and afraid but it’s too late. Or is it?  When Trump’s run for president first began, everyone said Donald Trump would never make it to the primaries. There were 17 candidates running in the Republican Party and Donald Trump was given more media coverage than any other candidate in the history of a presidential run. Every day we were bombarded with Donald Trump’s name, something he commented on constantly. Once he won the primaries, things got worse. Trump became more outlandish and we began to see a pattern. We also discovered Trump is mentally unstable. Anyone with any sense wanted nothing to do with Trump. No newspaper would endorse him until the very end; and the three that did were virtually unknown. Republicans started denouncing Trump; even the former two Bush presidents announced they wouldn’t vote for him, support him, or endorse him. CNN and MSNBC constantly presented pole results that showed Hillary Clinton far ahead of Trump as well as several other politicians who normally voted Republican who were now voting for Hillary.  You could turn on your TV at any time of the day or night and the first thing you’d hear is something about Donald Trump.  No matter how bad the information was, excuses were provided for him and now I’m still hearing more of the same.  All of the late night talk hosts are having a field day making fun of Trump while Saturday Night Live (SNL), featuring Alec Baldwin, has taken impersonating Trump to a new level.  Trump of course is having a cow, tweeting that SNL should be taken off the air because it’s not funny.  All through Trump’s campaign, he called Hillary Clinton a liar but who’s really the liar? Since elected, Trump has had to come clean about his campaign promises, admitting he cannot build a wall and have Mexico pay for it nor can he reactivate “stop and frisk” or deport all non-registered foreigners.  He can’t keep most of his campaign promises.

However, he is managing to wreak havoc.  Just take a listen to what President Donald Trump has done in one week, then read on to get more of what Trump really stands for:

  1. Racism towards Blacks, Muslims, Latinos and all others that don’t fit Trumps bigot profile; Trump plans to start a Muslim registry, restart “random stop and frisk” for Blacks and deport Hispanic immigrants;
  2. What’s in it for Trump to help anyone below his level?  What has he ever done for anyone? All his speeches are about what he has that’s the best and what he has done better than anyone else, never speaking on anything he has done that wasn’t a benefit to him;
  3. Why is his cabinet filled with all billionaires? Why isn’t anyone, who can stop him, not, stopping him? They just keep approving his bad choice of people even after promising they wouldn’t, i.e. career racist, Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and Alt-Right Conservative Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist;
  4. *Trump has broken all kinds of laws; No one has done anything about it, except there is now a lawsuit against him regarding his conflicting massive empires. However, there are no plans to impeach him;  
  5. No blind trust; He’s still running all his businesses; he’s moved all his family in the White House and has given them official positions while they continue to run his business empire;
  6. He has a major business empire stemming all over the world;  “In his most recent financial disclosures, Trump listed 144 individual companies that have had dealings in at least 25 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America, among other companies with regional international interests, according to a CNN review.  The interests range from management deals with golf courses in the UAE, branding agreements with real estate projects that bear Trump’s name in India as well as companies that have been involved with beverage sales in Israel;”
  7. He has hired generals that don’t comply with the retirement rules; Generals have to be retired for at least 7 years before an appointment to a presidential cabinet;
  8. He constantly lies; In fact, he lies more than he tells the truth;
  9. He doesn’t fit a presidential profile; He’s been married three times as a result of cheating on his wives and says he doesn’t talk about that;
  10. He thinks he’s above the law; He has mentioned several times that he can do whatever he wants to do with no consequences;
  11. He’s against women’s rights; He has already signed a gag order against abortion funding;
  12. He has a foul mouth and says anything that comes to his mind; He mocked New York Times journalist Serge F. Kovaleskiat at a South Carolina rally by making twitching arm and face movements;
  13. He just has a regular college degree, no MBA and no education that would remotely qualify him for the job of running the USA; He maintains that he is an extremely smart guy, his words;
  14. He doesn’t like to read and has no attention span;
  15. He has never served in the military, nor as a politician of any kind; While this is not a requirement, it would have eased the fact that he has zero experience;
  16. He’s not going to give up the unprecedented use of tweeting as his source of communication; It’s just plain tacky;
  17. He has an incorrect temperament for a president and can be swayed easily; Just say something derogatory about him, and see what happens.  He can’t resist retaliating;
  18. He’s dangerous to us all; Already foreign dignitaries are threatening WWIII if he tries to carry out his suggestions like stealing their oil;
  19. He’s clueless as how to run this country; He’s already alluded to the fact that his cabinet will actually run the country, with his approval;
  20. He’s obviously extremely childish and a Megalomaniac;

    Megalomania is a symptom of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness, wealth, etc. obsession with doing extravagant or grand things He constantly compares the size of his events, numbers in the poles and wins against any competitor, always making himself the winner.  If the media reports differently, he calls them dishonest and accuses them of cheating.
  21. Trump is incapable of putting together a health plan and is at odds with his own party about ACA; Abandoning Obama Care is pure hatred of Obama (because he’s Black) and a pledge to destroy any Obama legacies.
  22. He’s been officially accused of raping a 13 year old in the 90’s.  More recently, several women came forward and accused him of rape and molestation, which labels him as a possible rapist; The case involving the 13 year old was dropped;
  23. He’s judgmental to a major fault; He numbers women on a scale of 1 to 10; He calls people names if he thinks they are not good looking or display a “normal” appearance.
  24. He’s now has his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer using propaganda tactics and lingo; When caught in a lie, they use “alternate facts” to cover it up, when there is really no such thing;
  25. He refuses to show his tax returns; Can we count how many scenarios Trump has listed as to when he would show his taxes;
  26. He has questionable ties with Russia and other foreign countries and their dignitaries; He seems to be having a love affair with Putin.
  27. He doesn’t respect women; This needs no explanation;
  28. He’s a bully and vengeful; Take a look at his treatment of Romney and Christie, He totally humiliated them;
  29. He’s a demagogue and a narcissist;
  30. He has ties to many white supremacist groups; He has the backing of the KKK as well as his nomination of Steve Bannon, who has been associated with Breitbart, an organization that legitimizes as well as serves as a mouthpiece for the alt-right movement, as his Chief Strategist;
  31. He has had to settle several law suits (to the tune of $125M) against his business school for fraudulent practices;
  32. He plans to move the news press out of the White House; He doesn’t want to be watched that closely;
  33. Trump’s approval rating was down to 37% inauguration dayAt present, it’s 36%;  This is the lowest approval rating for any president, ever;
  34. He wants to bring back torture for captured prisoners, a process that we have long banned because it doesn’t work and it’s barbaric;He says water boarding is good;
  35. **Trump signed executive orders to advance construction of the Dakota Access pipeline and the Keystone XL pipeline; Both pose a health hazard if there’s ever a leak, which is a frequent occurrence with pipelines; In North Dakota during the year 2013, when lightning struck a pipeline, it leaked over 840,000 gallons of crude onto a wheat field.
  36. Trump has frozen the EPA, which protects Americans from poison and pollution; This action will keep the EPA from interfering with the reactivation of the pipeline;
  37. He thinks NATO is worthless. Trump plans to pull out of NATO;
  38. Trump is now using our tax payer dollars to look into fraudulent voting; He has won the election already. Upset because he didn’t win the popular vote is no reason to waste our tax payer dollars looking into a problem that doesn’t exist. There is no voter fraud, period!  However Tiffany (his daughter), Stephan Bannon (his White House Strategist), Sean Spicer (his Press Secretary), Jerry Kushner (his son-in-law) and Steven Mnuchin (his Treasury Secretary) are all registered to vote in TWO states.  With a the lowest approval rating of any president, he should leave this idea that he also won the popular vote alone;
  39. He doesn’t plan to read the Presidential daily briefs; Another unprecedented move by Trump;
  40. Trump fulfilled a campaign promise by signing an executive order to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP);  Given that Congress already announced they were not going approve it, the 12-country pact was already slated DOA, therefore Trump only gets credit for signing the order;
  41. He wants to be involved with the production of his reality show, Celebrity Apprentice; Is this because running America won’t keep him busy enough;
  42. Trump has removed the Spanish version from  the White House Web Site and deleted pages on Civil Rights, LBGT and Climate change;  Why would he do this unless he’s an extreme racist and homophobic;
  43. Trump doesn’t support global warming; He thinks it’s a hoax;
  44. Trump cannot keep any of the promises he made during his campaign.  He has no idea who is going to pay for a wall — I really don’t believe there’s going to be a wall. Trump says the US will pay and Mexico will pay us back — Mexico says NO THEY WON’T!!!

Why shouldn’t I and everyone else be upset and afraid?  I think he’s planning a takeover of the USA with his super rich cronies!  There’s much more I haven’t even touched on.  If Trump has done any good, it’s covered up by fear and uncertainty.  All of his bad outweighs his good (if there is any) and not worth what he is putting this nation through.  All the protests alone have probably cost the USA a bundle. Have we ever had a president with so many disqualifications?

* As of January 20, 2017, Trump runs the risk of violating the US Constitution.  The breach stems from his massive businesses that will now pose a conflict of interest with his presidency.  Trump has huge real estate holdings under written with a loan from the Chinese Government.  He has millions of dollars riding on building projects in Saudi Arabia and there have been foreign diplomats who have already admitted to spending money at Trump hotels to “curry favor with the US President”.

Trump says as president, he is exempted from the federal conflicts of interest regulations that usually bind elected officials.  He’s been advised correctly, except the violation may be a Violation of the Constitution.  Article 1 Section 9 Clause 8, referred to as “The Emolument Clause” says that no elected official can take an “emolument” of “any kind whatever” from a king, prince, or foreign state. This restriction is intended to prevent political officials from making decisions in favor of foreign governments based on personal bias.

Trump thinks the Emoluments Clause does not apply to him since he will not be receiving any gifts, money or otherwise from any foreign VPs.  Instead, his children, who are running his companies, will.   Despite the pending lawsuit against Trump, only Congress can enforce the Emoluments Clause against him and that’s highly unlikely.

** Regarding the oil situation, “Trump also owned stock in Energy Transfer Partners, the company building the pipeline, according to his most recent filing with the Federal Election Commission, The New York Times reported on Tuesday. Last month, the Times added, a Trump spokesperson said Trump had sold all of his stock during the summer, yet Trump has failed to provide any documentation proving the sale.”

So, I think it’s fair to say, WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!  Donald Trump is NOT qualified to be president.  He’s not going to make anything better.  We the people should call our congressmen and take action against a man who is against everything the US stands for.  We should govern our country, or at least pick a worthy candidate to represent us.  Not Donald Trump.







  1. I’m starting to believe he will be impeached due to brazen corruption and violation of the Constitution.



  3. He is to the bone a dictator – and following reports, isn’t he branded among the worst of human beings?

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