Oscars are now set up by the year they are celebrated.  Since I didn’t start this blog until 2013, I don’t have Oscars before that year.  I started with the 85th Annual Oscars, which were presented in 2013 at the Academy Awards Ceremony in LA.  Winners are added to the menu shortly after the Oscar ceremony.  CLICK THE OSCAR YEAR YOU’D LIKE TO SEE BELOW, MENUS ARE ORGANIZED AS FOLLOWS:

85th Oscar Nods / 2013 + Winners

86th Oscar Nods / 2014 + Winners

87th Oscar Nods / 2015 + Winners

88th Oscar Nods / 2016 + Winners

89th Oscar Nods / 2017 + Winners

90th Oscar Nods / 2018 + Winners

91st Oscar Nods / 2019 + Winners

92nd Oscar Nods / 2020 + Winners

93rd Oscar Nods / 2021 + Winners


I hope you find this information helpful.  Thanks for visiting Carol’s World.