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ADAPTATION (2002) – My rating: 7/10

A Little Boring, Even for an Intellectual!
AdaptationAdaptation has the potential to be great but was a little too slow/boring and too confusing for my taste. Nicolas Cage did a superb acting job, playing twin brothers, Charlie and Donald Kaufman, with totally different personalities.

I thought too much emphasis was put on minor details. Long drawn out scenes about orchards and all the thoughts of Meryl Streep’s wish list for life, left me confused and somewhat bored. The movie moved back and forth through each character’s thought process leading up to the writing of a script that couldn’t get written because each character had a block of some kind. I hated the ending because lives were destroyed to get to the bottom line, a movie about flowers.

Because the acting was superb, I rated it 7 out of 10.  Adaptation took a long route to get to its destination. I couldn’t help but notice several people nodding off throughout the movie theater.  Adaptation is not for everyone.

CAST AWAY (2000) – My rating: 7/10

CastAwayTom Hanks’ performance was excellent but the movie was boring. I’m not sure what the message was. Cast Away offered little action and not much entertainment and certainly no message. Helen Hunt’s role was minimal at best. She did a good acting job but overall Cast Away is insignificant. As much as I love Tom Hanks — this was too much of him.  I was bored most of the movie and found nothing new or entertaining about Cast Away.  I recommend waiting for the video!