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EX MACHINA (2015) – My rating: 8/10

ExMachina2Ex Machina is not for everyone.  It’s strictly dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, genius level minds and the art of manipulation.  I found the movie a little slow but brilliant.  Up until a point, I was able to predict a lot of it but when that point arrived, I was just as surprised as the next person to discover what the writer had in mind.  A genius software developer and CEO of the biggest internet company on the planet also lives on a several hundred acre private mountain retreat/home.  Caleb Smith (Domhall Glesson), a young computer programmer has won the company lottery to spend a week at the CEO’s private mountain retreat/home.  Access to the above ground portion of the retreat was only granted within a designated area by helicopter, then you are instructed to walk the rest of the way to the only set of units that would allow you entry via key card and facial recognition, if invited.  Once inside, Caleb’s adventure would begin.  Eventually, he ends up at a huge underground research facility which appears to only have one employer, Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac) who plays the eccentric CEO of the company, and also houses his invention(s),  Artificial Intelligent Androids, awaiting final testing. This testing is called “turing test” which will determine if the AI is ready for prime time.  Nathan decides to ask Caleb to take part in this test and be a part of history.  He introduces Caleb to Ava (Alicia Vikander) who is his latest, beautiful humanoid and tells him all he needs to know to finalize her existence.  It wasn’t long before Caleb finds that this is turning out to be more than he anticipated.  It’s hard to establish trust or truth, thereby making it impossible to contribute accurate data to the project.  Things were not as they appear, or were they?  The head games are plentiful and the movie went to a very weird and dark place.  As I said, Ex Machina is not for everyone, however, the ending justified all.  I liked it but warn you not to see it if you’re not into this kind of high tech, scientific, geeky stuff. BTW:  The special effects are fantastic.

[EX MACHINA is nominated for Visual effects and Original Screenplay]